God’s Design of Genders and Roles

God created man ?in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them” (rf. Gen. 1:27).

            It should not amaze me anymore how polarized we have become in our nation. Yet, at every turn, someone says or does something that takes the divide between people groups to even greater depths, making it harder for the possibility for future reconciliation and working together to occur. Much less is their prospective inclusion of biblical views as specified by the Scriptures, showing how far we have strayed from belief in and practice of God’s Holy Word.
            Take, for instance, the differences in roles between men and women. Society would have us to believe that we are not only fundamentally and completely equal in every way, indeed, interchangeable, but that the sexes have moved to a new place of inequality wherein women are the dominant of the species. According to a new anthropological study, entitled, Women After All: Sex, Evolution, and the End of Male Supremacy by Melvin Konner of Emory University, he states that women will soon dominate men in every sphere of life. Dr. Konner believes that this is a very good thing since women, in his view, are more and better adapted to handle the rigors of life and leadership than their male counterparts.[i]
            Of course, such beliefs take no thought as to God’s design for men and women since Dr. Konner’s premises are based on evolutionary presuppositions, precluding any belief in the existence of God. Yet, our Creator gave us two important templates by which to live, though they fly in the very face of the prevailing culture. I assure you, those who choose to follow these teachings of the Lord will find themselves at odds with our society, not popular at all with those who would agree with the assessments and beliefs of Dr. Konner and those of his like.
            First of all, superiority over others should never be a goal striven for as followers of Jesus, whether male or female. Be it on the basis of race, gender, social or economic status, we should never view ourselves as better than others. This is nothing but the sin of pride emanating from our own sinful nature. Jesus taught us, rather, to always think of ourselves last, instead of first, in order to keep ourselves humble. If we are to be exalted, it will be the Lord who does that work for us; it will not be by any effort or merit of ourselves (rf. Mt. 23:11-12; Lk. 22:26).
            Secondly, God Himself has clearly defined the roles of men and women. We will speak more about men in the next issue. For women, God has revealed that His highest calling for them is to be wives and mothers (rf. Prov. 31:10-31; I Tm. 2:15). For a small percentage of women, God has called them to be single, desiring them to be His servants in a unique and blessed fashion throughout their days (rf. I Cor. 7:6-8, 32). Submission will always be the expected attitude, whether uniquely to the Lord as a single or to the Lord and to a husband, if married, since this attitude is viewed as an adornment of the daughters of Eve in their faithfulness to Him (rf. Eph. 5:22-33; I Pet. 3:1-6).
            The challenge before us as Christians in this present age is to live differently according to the beliefs of Scripture in the midst of a society that demands compliance with its own set of values and ideas. The further the world moves away from the truths of Scripture, the greater the gulf will be it and between biblical Christianity, not to mention the higher the degree of persecution of Christians because of the distinction. The challenge this month is for the ladies of His Church to be bold in upholding the truths of His Word in the lives that they live, not falling prey to the deceitful and tantalizing belief systems that are put forth by the culture. God holds His daughters in great love and respect, having placed in their hands and hearts great gifts not given to His sons. It is only right that they should, in gratitude, exercise these gifts and uphold His truths in humility, taking their rightful place in His service and in love.

[i]Konner, Melvin. “The End of Male Supremacy”, The Chronicle of Higher Education: The Chronicle Review. March 20, 2015, Reprinted from http://chronicle.com/article/The-End-of-Male-Supremacy/228769/?cid=at&utm_source=at&utm_medium=en